Khenpo Munsel 堪布孟色

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Khenpo Munsel photo courtesy of Matthew Pistono

Khenpo Munsel (Tib. མཁན་པོ་མུན་སེལ་, Wyl. mkhan po mun sel) (1916-1993) — a student of Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, he was imprisoned by the Chinese for many years, during which he gave Dzogchen teachings, such as Yeshe Lama and Chöying Dzö to other lamas in the prison, including Adeu Rinpoche and Garchen Rinpoche.

堪布孟色(Khenpo Munsel;1916-1993)是堪布拿旺巴桑(Khenpo Ngawang Palzang)的學生。他在中國被監禁多年。監禁期間,他為獄中的其他喇嘛傳授大圓滿教法,包括為阿度仁波切(Adeu Rinpoche)與噶千仁波切(Garchen Rinpoche)教導,如:《本智上師》(Yeshe Lama)和《法界寶藏論》(Chöying Dzö)等。


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Further Reading

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