Wish-Fulfilling Treasury《如意寶藏論》

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Longchen Rabjam

The Wish Fulfilling Treasure (Tib. ཡིད་བཞིན་མཛོད་, Yishyin Dzö; Wyl. yid bzhin mdzod) is one of the Seven Treasures composed by the omniscient Longchenpa.


Its 22 versed chapters are as follows:

  1. How samsara originates out of the ground.
  2. How Buddha realms are established for the benefit of beings.
  3. How the outer world develops.
  4. How the sentient beings within develop.
  5. The aeon of remaining.
  6. The aeons of destruction and voidness.
  7. The happiness and suffering of the inner and outer world.
  8. How to follow a spiritual friend.
  9. Abandoning negative friends.
  10. The master who teaches.
  11. The qualities of the disciple who listens.
  12. An elaborate presentation of the types of Dharma teaching.
  13. Contemplating the difficulty of finding a free and well-favoured human-life.
  14. Contemplating death and impermanence.
  15. Contemplating the nature of faith.
  16. Contemplating karma—causes and effects.
  17. Contemplating how samsara is suffering and nirvana blissful.
  18. Establishing the natural state.
  19. Preliminaries to meditative concentration.
  20. The supreme meditation of clear light.
  21. The stages of traversing the path.
  22. The fruition that is the culmination of meditation.

There is a large commentary on the root text, which is called the White Lotus (Wyl. pad+ma dkar po).

Tibetan Texts


  • Kennard Lipman, 'How the Samsāra is Fabricated from the Ground of Being' in Crystal Mirror V, pp. 340-350 (Chapter 1 only)