Avatamsaka Sutra 華嚴經

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Avatamsaka Sutra (Skt. Avataṃsakasūtra; Tib. ཕལ་པོ་ཆེ་, Wyl. mdo phal po che) — one of the most important (and largest) of all Mahayana sutras. It includes the Sutra of the Ten Bhumis and the Gandavyuha Sutra, which in turn includes Samantabhadra's Aspiration to Good Actions. The Tibetan version in 45 chapters was translated in the 9th century by Surendra and Vairocana Rakṣita. It's a voluminous sutra comprising four volumes in the Kangyur (Derge edition).


ལྔ་བརྒྱ་ཐ་མར་གྱུར་པ་ན། །

ང་ཉིད་ཡི་གེའི་གཟུགས་སུ་གནས། །
ང་ཡིན་སྙམ་དུ་ཡིད་བྱོས་ལ། །

དེ་ཚེ་དེ་ལ་གུས་པར་གྱིས། །

In the last five hundred year period,
I will appear in the form of scriptures.
Consider them as identical to me,
And treat them with due respect.

Śākyamuni, Avatamsaka Sūtra


  • The Flower Ornament Scripture, translated (from Chinese) by Thomas Cleary (Boston & London: Shambhala, 1987, 1993)

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