Adeu Rinpoche 阿度/阿帝仁波切

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Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche
Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Adeu Rinpoche

Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche (Wyl. ‘khrul zhig a lde’u) also known as Druprik Khyuchok or Drupchok Rinpoche (1931-2007) — an important Drukpa Kagyü teacher from Tsechu Monastery, Nangchen. Like Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, he was a disciple of Samten Gyatso (1881-1945/6). He was the main teacher of Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

楚西.阿度 (又譯初悉阿帝) 仁波切又名竹匹.昆邱 (Druprik Khyuchok) 或竹邱仁波切 (Drupchok Rinpoche) (1931-2007),是來自囊謙 (Nangchen) 地區采久寺 (Tsechu Monastery) 一位重要的竹巴噶舉上師。如同祖古.烏金仁波切 (Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche) 一般,他也是桑滇.嘉措 (Samten Gyatso) ( 1881-1945/6)的弟子。他是措尼仁波切 (Tsoknyi Rinpoche) 的主要上師。

Biography 傳記

The Eighth Adeu Rinpoche was born on the fourth day of the 12th Tibetan month in the Iron Horse year of the fifteenth calendrical cycle, in the middle of a freezing winter. As the 16th Karmapa and the Eighth Choegon Rinpoche recognized the child as the authentic reincarnation of the Seventh Adeu Rinpoche, he was taken to Tsechu Gompa for enthronement at the age of seven. Immediately after this, he began his traditional education in writing, calligraphy, poetry, astrology, mandala painting, spiritual practice and text recitation. At the same time, the young Adeu Rinpoche also received many teachings and pith-instructions based on the old and new traditions, but primarily on the Drukpa lineage from the Eighth Choegon Rinpoche, Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö and many other great masters. After this, Rinpoche entered into a seven-year retreat, during which he practised the sadhanas of different deities and trained in tsa-lung, following the Six Yogas of Naropa and the liberating Mahamudra mind-training practices. He also learnt philosophy. Adeu Rinpoche later wrote a precise commentary on the three sets of vows, the root of heart-essence of Nyingmapa lineage, and on the various mandala deities.

第八世阿度仁波切生於第十五個藏曆鐵馬年十二月四日的隆冬之中。第十六世噶瑪巴和第八世確袞仁波切 (Choegon Rinpoche) 認證此孩童確實是第七世阿度仁波切的轉世,將其帶至采久貢巴 (Tsechu Gompa) 並於七歲時舉行陞座典禮。之後立即展開傳統教育,包括寫作、書法、詩歌、星象學、壇城繪製、法道修持及法本持誦等。同時,年輕的阿度仁波切也從第八世確袞仁波切、蔣揚.欽哲.確吉.羅卓 (Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö) 和其他許多偉大上師處領受了許多新舊傳承的法教和精要口訣,但主要是與竹巴傳承有關者。其後,仁波切閉關七年,在此期間他修習各種本尊的成就法 (sadhanas) 與氣脈 (tsa-lung) 修持,依循的是那若六法和大手印的修心解脫法。他也學習哲學。阿度仁波切於後撰寫了三律儀[中譯註:別解脫戒、菩薩戒與密乘戒]、寧瑪傳承的根本心髓與多種壇城本尊的精確釋論。

In 1958, all the sacred texts, statues and precious objects were completely destroyed, and Rinpoche was imprisoned for fifteen years. Although Adeu Rinpoche suffered a great deal, the period in prison gave him an opportunity to meet many accomplished masters, who had also been imprisoned, especially Khenpo Munsel from whom he received instructions on Dzogchen, and under whose guidance, he practised the rare and precious teachings of the aural lineage (Nyengyü) of the Nyingma school, and studied the various Nyingmapa terma teachings.

一九五八年時,所有的聖典、塑像和珍貴文物都被摧毀殆盡,仁波切亦被監禁十五年。阿度仁波切儘管經歷艱困的折磨,卻在監禁期間把握機會認識許多同被監禁的證悟上師,特別是從孟瑟堪布 (Khenpo Munsel) 處領受大圓滿的口傳教授,並在堪布的指導下,修習稀有而珍貴的寧瑪派耳傳教法 (Nyengyü) ,並研讀多種寧瑪派的伏藏教法。

Adeu Rinpoche was an extremely important master of the Drukpa Kagyü lineage, especially following the Cultural Revolution, during which many great Drukpa lineage masters passed away. When teachings of the Drukpa lineage were faced with extinction, Adeu Rinpoche was the only remaining lineage holder of the Khampa tradition of the Drukpa lineage.

阿度仁波切是竹巴噶舉傳承中一位極為重要的上師,特別是在文化大革命之後,許多偉大的竹巴傳承大師都因此相繼圓寂。當竹巴傳承的法教瀕臨消失時,阿度仁波切是竹巴傳承之康巴 (Khampa) 傳統所留下的唯一傳承持有者。

At the end of 1980, Adeu Rinpoche went to Tashi Jong in India to pass on the entire lineage of the Khampa Drukpa tradition to the present Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima, Choegon Rinpoche Chökyi Senge and many other great tulkus of the Drukpa lineage.

在一九八零年底,阿度仁波切前往印度的札西炯 (Tashi Jong) ,將完整的竹巴康巴教法傳授給現今的康祖仁波切.東玉.尼瑪(Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima)、確袞仁波切確吉.森給(Choegon Rinpoche Chokyi Senge)與許多其他竹巴傳承的偉大祖古。

In 1990, Adeu Rinpoche also gave the complete empowerments of the Drukpa lineage to the local tulkus in Nangchen. About 51 tulkus and 1600 monks and nuns were present to receive the empowerments and oral transmissions. In this way, Adeu Rinpoche became the main lineage master of the Khampa Drukpa tradition for all the Drukpa tulkus. Thereafter, Adeu Rinpoche went to Bhutan and exchanged initiations with Je Khenpo, Jigme Chodrak Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and many other enlightened masters, thus becoming a representative of the Drukpa lineage.

在一九九零年,阿度仁波切也為囊謙當地的祖古們授予完整的竹巴傳承灌頂。大約有五十一位祖古與一千六百位僧尼接受灌頂和口傳。因此之故,阿度仁波切成為所有竹巴祖古在竹巴康巴傳承教法上的主要傳承上師。此後,阿度仁波切前往不丹,和傑.堪布 (Je Khenpo) 、吉美.丘札.仁波切 (Jigme Chodrak Rinpoche) 、頂果欽哲仁波切和許多其他證悟的上師互授灌頂,從而成為竹巴傳承一位代表性的上師。

Adeu Rinpoche also took responsibility for restoring Tsechu Gompa, and at the same time collecting, correcting and editing all the Drukpa teachings, tantras and practices.

Adeu Rinpoche passed away in July 2007, in Nangchen, Tibet.

His reincarnation has recently been identified, in Tibet, by Choegon Rinpoche Chökyi Senge.

阿度仁波切也肩負重建采久寺的責任,在此同時並收集、校對與彙編所有竹巴的教法、續法和修持等。 在二零零七年七月,阿度仁波切於西藏囊謙圓寂。他的轉世近期由確袞仁波切確吉.森給在西藏認證。

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