Garwang Sangye Dorje

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Garwang Sangye Dorje aka Phulung Sangye Rinpoche was a Nyingma master and a teacher of Dudjom Rinpoche. From him, Dudjom Rinpoche received the empowerments, transmissions and pith instructions of the entire terma of Rigdzin Düddul Dorje and in particular the lineage transmitted through Rigdzin Düddul Dorje’s son[1]. Around the 1960s, Garwang Sangye Dorje left Tibet and spent time in Pemakö, taught and practised with Togden Kunzang Longrol in Deden Tashi Chöling. Garwang Sangye Dorje passed away in India, and his kudung is in Orissa.


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