Dzogrim 圓滿次第

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Dzogrim (Tib. རྫོགས་རིམ་, Wyl. rdzogs rim; Skt. sampannakrama), or the 'completion phase' is one of the key practices, along with the 'generation phase' (Tib. kyerim), of the Vajrayana path.

It can refer to several things:

  • the phase of dissolution of one's visualization, the second phase of the practice of sadhana which follows the 'generation phase'; or
  • the different practices or yogas based on the channels, inner air and essences (Tib. རྩ་རླུང་ཐིག་ལེ་, tsa lung tiklé) of the vajra body.

The various practices of dzogrim can also be categorized into:

  • dzogrim with elaboration or effort, and
  • dzogrim without elaboration or effort.

Alternative Translations

  • perfection phase
  • completion stage

Teachings on Dzogrim Given to the Rigpa Sangha

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