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Tiklé (Skt. bindu or tilaka, Wyl. thig le) lit. 'sphere' or 'essence-drop' – the essences within the psycho-physical system.

According to Jamgön Kongtrul, tiklé denotes the 'essence or seed of great bliss', and has two aspects:

  • first, the ultimate tiklé of primordial wisdom (Wyl. don dam ye shes kyi thig le) and
  • second, the (relative) substantial red and white tiklés (Wyl. rdzas kyi thig le).

The substantial tiklés are of two kinds:

  • the quintessential or refined (Wyl. dwangs ma), and
  • the residual (Wyl. snyigs ma).

The residual tiklé is further subdivided into refined and residual:

  • the first (refined-residual) gives radiance and strength to the body;
  • the second (residual-residual) refers to the essential fluids that are emitted from the body.

Alternative Translations

  • essential fluids (Light of Berotsana)