Yang Gönpa

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Gyalwa Yang Gönpa Gyaltsen Pal (Wyl. yang dgon pa rgyal mtshan dpal) (1213-1258 or 1287) was a great yogin of the Drukpa Kagyü school and one of the foremost disciples of Gyalwa Götsangpa (1189-1258). He also studied with Godrakpa (1181-1261), who is considered the first great non-sectarian master of Tibet, Drikung Chenga Rinpoche (1175-1255) of the Drikung Kagyü school, Sakya Pandita (1182-1251), and Sangye Repa, and other masters. He is known as one of the 'three victorious ones', the other two being his teacher Gyalwa Götsangpa and Gyalwa Lorepa.


His writings include the famous explanation of the subtle body called A Hidden Explanation of the Vajra Body (rdo rje lus kyi sbas bshad), which is currently being translated by Elio Guarisco[1], and The Richö ('Mountain Dharma') Trilogy (ri chos skor gsum). His Instruction on Training the Mind is included in the blo sbyong brgya rtsa collection. (See Jinpa, Mind Training, pp. 419-422)

Further Reading

  • 'The Three Victorious Ones (Gyalwa Gotsangpa, Gyalwa Lorepa and Gyalwa Yang Gonpa)' in Dragon, Winter 2002 (Issue No. 3)