Twenty-seven sources of mistaken conduct 二十七致惡之源

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Twenty-seven sources of mistaken conduct (Wyl. nyes spyod kyi ’byung sgo nyi shu rtsa bdun po) – these are mentioned in chapter five of the Bodhicharyavatara, verses 48 to 53:

Verse 48:
(1) attachment (chags pa)
(2) aversion (khro ba)

Verse 49:
(3) to be wild (rgod pa)
(4) mockery (ga zhar)
(5) pride (nga rgyal):the seven kinds of pride 七種慢心: the pride of ego-clinging 我慢, simple pride 單慢 [of thinking that we are special], the pride of thinking that we are better or greater than others 過慢, the “pride of pride 過過慢,” the pride of thinking that we are only slightly inferior 卑劣慢 [to someone obviously exceptional], perverted pride 邪見慢 [when we are proud of something reprehensible], and blatant arrogance [deluded self-confidence] 增上慢. 《大乘廣五蘊論》云:「云何慢? 慢有七種:謂慢,過慢,過過慢,我慢,增上慢,卑慢,邪慢。(a)「云何慢?」謂於劣計己勝,或於等計己等;如是心高舉為性。(b)「云何過慢?」謂於等計己勝,或於勝計己等;如是心高舉為性。(c)「云何過過慢?」謂於勝計己勝;如是心高舉為性。(d)「云何我慢?」謂於五取蘊;隨計為我,或為我所;如是心高舉為性。(e)「云何增上慢?」謂未得增上殊勝所證之法,謂我已得;如是心高舉為性。增上殊勝所證法者,謂諸聖果,及三摩地,三摩鉢底等;於彼未得,謂我已得,而自矜倨。(f)「云何卑慢?」謂於多分殊勝,計己少分下劣;如是心高舉為性。(g)「云何邪慢?」謂實無德,計己有德;如是心高舉為性。不生敬重所依為業。謂於尊者,及有德者而起倨傲,不生崇重。
(6) self-infatuation (rgyags pa)
(7) exposing others’ faults (mtshang ’bru ba)
(8) causing dissension (skyor ’byin)
(9) deceit (bslu ba’i sems)

Verse 50:
(10) praising oneself (bdag la bstod pa)
(11) criticizing others (gzhan la smod pa)
(12) insulting others (gzhan la gshe ba)
(13) picking a quarrel (’gyed pa)

Verse 51:
(14) desiring gain (rnyed par ’dod pa)
(15) desiring respect (bkur sti ’dod pa)
(16) desiring fame (grags par ’dod pa)
(17) desiring a circle of attendants (g.yog ’khor ’dod pa)
(18) desiring personal service (rim gro ’dod pa)

Verse 52:
(19) wishing to give up working for the benefit of others (gzhan don yal bar ’dor ba ’dod pa)
(20) desiring to pursue one’s own welfare (rang don gnyer bar ’dod pa)
(21) wishing to have pointless conversations and conversations that incite attachment and aversion (don med chags sdang gi gtam smra bar ’dod pa)

Verse 53:
(22) being impatient (mi bzod pa)
(23) being lazy (le lo)
(24) being fainthearted (’jigs pa)
(25) being boastful (spyi brtol)
(26) talking nonsense (mu cor smra ba) and
(27) being attached to one’s own group (rang phyogs la zhen pa)