Sherab Özer Rinpoche 喜饒俄熱活佛(謝拉歐瑟仁波切)

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Sherab Özer Rinpoche

Sherab Özer Rinpoche (Tib. ཤེས་རབ་འོད་ཟེར, Wyl. shes rab 'od zer) (1922/3-2006) was recognised as the incarnation of Orgyen Rigdzin Sempa Dorje (Wyl. o rgyan rig 'dzin sems dpa' rdo rje), the main Dharma heir of the great master Nyala Pema Dündul. From an early age he studied with many revered masters in East Tibet.

喜饒俄熱活佛(Sherab Özer Rinpoche喜饒俄熱活佛;1922年3月~2005年12月7日,見喜绕俄热仁波切专栏),被認證為釀拉.貝瑪.督都(Nyala Pema Duddul)大師主要法嗣鄔金持明桑巴多傑(Orgyen Rigdzin Sempa Dorje)的轉世。幼年時在藏東地區,從學於許多令人尊敬的上師。

At twelve, he studied the sutras for three years at Lumo Rab, a monastery which has a very strong connection with the great Mindroling Monastery in Central Tibet. In fact, it was from Minling Khenchen Rinpoche[1] and Minling Chung Rinpoche that he received the name Sherab Özer.

十二歲時,他到盧牟惹巴(Lumo Rab)研習佛經三年。盧牟惹巴與中藏規模宏大的敏卓林寺(Mindroling Monastery)有著非常緊密的聯繫。事實上,仁波切是從敏林堪千仁波切(Minling Khenchen Rinpoche)和敏林炯仁波切(Minling Chung Rinpoche)獲得謝拉歐瑟(Sherab Özer)的法名。

At the age of 21, he went to live in the labrang at Kalsang Gonpa, the seat of Nyala Pema Dündul, which later became the seat of Tertön Sogyal Lerab Lingpa. He received the teachings and profound instructions of Dzogpachenpo from Tulku Dorje Dündul at Dre Tsal Monastery, the empowerments and teachings for Nyala Pema Dündul’s revelation Zabchö Khakhyab Rangdrol from Jazi Anyé Tulku, and studied and practised with masters of the Sakya, Gelug and Nyingma schools.

廿一歲,他前往噶桑貢巴(Kalsang Gonpa)的禪房(labrang,有活佛官邸之意)居住,那是釀拉.貝瑪.督都的道場,後來成為伏藏師索甲列饒林巴的道場。在德薩寺(Dre Tsal Monastery),他從祖古多傑督都(Tulku Dorje Duddul)得到大圓滿的教法和甚深教言;其中包括釀拉.貝瑪.督都《甚深法.遍空本自解脫》(Zabchö Khakhyab Rangdrol)伏藏的灌頂和教法,並跟隨薩迦、格魯與寧瑪等傳承的上師研讀教理及實修。

In 1949, Sherab Özer Rinpoche was asked by Chinese government to help in local affairs, and later, during the Cultural Revolution, he passed through many difficulties. In 1981, he visited a number of different monasteries, as a result of which he set up, in Sichuan province, thirty four “Cultural Heritage Protection Associations”. In 1984, Rinpoche founded the Sichuan Province Tibetan Buddhist Institute.

1949年,中國政府要求喜饒俄熱活佛協助當地事務,後來於文化大革命期間,度過了許多艱困。1981年,喜饒俄熱活佛走訪四川(Sichuan province)多所不同的寺院,先後成立了三十四個「文物古籍管理所」(Cultural Heritage Protection Associations)。1984年,仁波切創辦四川省藏語佛學院(Sichuan Province Tibetan Buddhist Institute)。

Visit to Lerab Ling

In 1998, Sherab Özer Rinpoche stayed in Lerab Ling for several months and gave several teachings and empowerments (Tendrel Nyesel and Khakhyab Rangdrol) to the Rigpa sangha. On August 12th 1998, Sherab Özer Rinpoche performed a simple, symbolic ceremony in which he offered the throne of Kalzang Monastery to Sogyal Rinpoche as the heir to Tertön Sogyal.

Further Reading

  • Rigpa Journal, January 2000, 'On an Island of Wish-fulfilling Jewels'
  • 'Brief Outline of the History of Kalsang Gompa', compiled by Sherab Özer and Changchub Gyatso, published by si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang: (The Ethnic Minorities Publishing House, Chengdu, China)


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