Semo Pema Yudron 瑟嫫.貝瑪.玉準

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Semo Pema Yudron

Semo Pema Yudrön (Tib. སྲས་མོ་པདྨ་གཡུ་སྒྲོན; Wyl. sras mo pad+ma g.yu sgron), ‘Lotus of Turquoise Light’, is a daughter of Dudjom Rinpoche and Sangyum Kusho Tseten Yudron.


According to Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, “she looked like an angel princess just descending from heaven. I thought that if the drought of human aging did not exist, she would always be every hero’s heart-thief”.[1]



  1. Thinley Norbu, A Brief Fantasy History of an Himalayan, Shambhala, 2014, page 12.

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