Riwo Sangchö

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Riwo Sangchö (Tib. རི་བོ་བསང་མཆོད་, Wyl. ri bo bsang mchod), or literally ‘Mountain Smoke Offering’, is a terma that was hidden by Guru Rinpoche and revealed in the seventeenth century by the great yogin and tertön Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé (1597-1653), who brought the Dharma to Sikkim, as part of the profound Dharma-cycle of Rigdzin Sokdrup, ‘Accomplishing the Life-Force of the Vidyadharas’. It is the most famous practice of sang offering in Tibetan Buddhism.

From the many ways, elaborate or condensed, of doing this practice, Dudjom Rinpoche composed an abbreviated version for daily practice, this is what is followed by the Rigpa sangha.

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Edited Teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche

  • Riwo Sangchö and Tendrel Nyesel—Making your Practice Meaningful (available in English, French and German, DVE 500)
  • Dzogchenlinks July & September 2011, The Deep Significance of Riwo Sangchö Practice (Parts 1 & 2) [based on Sogyal Rinpoche's teachings in Tuncurry, Australia, 2012]
  • Dzogchenlink, Nov. 2007, The Practice of Riwo Sangchö part 2
  • Dzogchenlink, Sept. 2007, The Practice of Riwo Sangchö part 1
  • Dzogchenlink, Nov. 1998, The Practice of Riwo Sangchö

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