Prayer to Guru Rinpoche by Sogyal Rinpoche

跳至導覽 跳至搜尋
Guru Rinpoche courtesy of Terton Sogyal Trust

Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

gyal kun dü shyal orgyen rinpoché
nying khong rüpé ting né sol dep na
chi nang sangwé barché ying su sol
sam dön lhun gyi drubpar chin gyi lop

Of all the buddhas, you are their very face and their embodiment, Precious Guru of Oddiyana,
From the depths of my heart, the very core of my being, I pray to you:
Outer, inner and secret obstacles—dispel them into space,
And through your blessings, let all my aims and wishes be spontaneously fulfilled.

Composed by Sogyal Rinpoche on the night of the 26th day of the third month of the Fire Pig year (13th May 2007) in Lerab Ling. Sarva Mangalam!