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Getting started with the Rigpa Shedra Wiki

The Rigpa Shedra Wiki is an online encyclopedia and media library for the Rigpa sangha. You can use this Wiki to look for information on a topic. You can also create a user account and then add new entries or edit an existing entry. (Note that all entries are subject to review by the Wiki editors.)


To find information on a topic, you can:

  • Enter the topic name in the search box at left, and click Search.
  • Click Categories at left to view all categories on the wiki.

Note: a second experimental search box searches all sites of our friends, but note that Google did not yet sufficiently index this wiki - to search the Rigpa Shedra Wiki, use the upper search box.

For more information, see:

Users and Editors


In brief:

  • To edit the Wiki, you need to have an account. Simply click "log on" and create an account.
  • To create a new page, enter the desired page title into the search box on the left. You will get the option to create a new page.
  • To learn how to use formatting features of a Wiki, you can press 'Edit' on an existing page to learn how others did it.
  • Please read the Editorial Guidelines before editing.

For more information, see:


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. The User's Guide contains a complete description of all formatting options that are accessible while editing the Wiki. For more information, see:

Extensions and modifications in use with RigpaWiki