Five inner enabling empowerments 內五力灌頂

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Five inner enabling empowerments (Wyl. nus pa'i dbang lnga) — five empowerments conferred as an entry point to the practice of Mahayoga in order to ripen students who have diligence. These five empowerments are subdivisions of the vase empowerment. They are:

  1. the empowerment of Ratnasambhava concerning listening
  2. the empowerment of Akshobhya concerning meditation
  3. the empowerment of Amitabha concerning teaching
  4. the empowerment of Amoghasiddhi concerning enlightened activity
  5. the empowerment of the five buddha families concerning the infinite teachings of the vajra king


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Further Reading

  • Longchenpa, Dispelling Darkness in the Ten Directions, pages 372-376.