Eight thoughts of a great being 聖者八想

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The eight thoughts of a great being are the following thoughts:

  1. "When will I be able to eliminate the suffering of all beings!"
  2. "When will I be able to establish all impoverished beings in great wealth!"
  3. "When will I be able to benefit beings with my body of flesh and blood!"
  4. "When will I be able to bring benefit to beings, even if I must remain in the hells for a long time!"
  5. "Throughout all my lives, may I never possess a rebirth, three doors, wealth, power, and so forth that fails to benefit sentient beings, may I never delight one-sidedly in the taste of the ultimate, and may I never cause harm to sentient beings!"
  6. "May the results of evil deeds of all beings ripen upon myself, may the results of my own virtues ripen upon them, and may they be happy!"
  7. "With great mundane and supramundane wealth, when will I be able to accomplish, according to their wishes, the hopes of all sentient beings!"
  8. "Having become a buddha, when will I be able to deliver all sentient beings from suffering!"

---Source: Mipham Rinpoche's Gateway to Knowledge (13,34)