Two-Volume Lexicon

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The Two-Volume Lexicon (Wyl. sgra sbyor bam po gnyis pa) or Madhyavyutpatti (Wyl. bye brag tu rtogs byed 'bring po) is a text of guidelines produced during King Tri Ralpachen’s reign by several panditas and lotsawas—especially panditas Jinamitra and Danashila, and lotsawa Shyang Yeshé Dé—establishing the rules of translation.

Further Reading

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  • Scherrer-Schaub, Cristina, "Enacting Words: A Diplomatic Analysis of the Imperial Decrees (bkas bcad) and their Application in the sGra sbyor bam po gñis pa Tradition", JIABS 25(1-2), 2002 pp. 263-340.

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