Tsara Dharmakirti

跳至導覽 跳至搜尋

Tsara Dharmakirti Rinpoche also known as Tsara Chödrak (1916-2005) was born in Minyak, Tibet. He studied at Dzogchen and Shechen monasteries, with Dzogchen Khenpo Thupten Nyendrak, Khenpo Ngawang Norbu, Khenpo Pema Tsewang, Khenpo Sonam Wangyal, and Khenpo Yeshe Dargye. As a result of his studies, he was awarded the title of Khenchen. He also received Dzogchen teachings from the fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche Thupten Chökyi Dorje, and his incarnation the sixth Dzogchen Rinpoche Jikdral Changchub Dorje, Drukpa Kuchen Choying Rangdrol, Dzogchen Kongtrul, Khenpo Kunpal, Khenpo Jigme Yönten Gonpo, and his three main root teachers, Pema Tekchok Loden, Shechen Kongtrul Rinpoche, and Drime Lakpe Lodrup.

After 1959, he spent many years in prison, where he practised in secret and had a number of visions, during which he received teachings and empowerments. Following his release from prison he gave teachings to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche, whom he impressed with the depth of his scholarship and realization, and to other students, and composed several commentaries. His main student is Anyen Rinpoche from Gyarong.

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