Thamthog Rinpoche 聖索仁波切(另:唐東仁波切)

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Thamthog Rinoche (Wyl. khrom thog rin po che) is the current abbot of Namgyal Monastery.

聖索仁波切(Wyl. khrom thog rin po che)是南嘉寺(Namgyal Monastery)的現任住持。

  • ﹝註〕補充說明:仁波切的名號「Thamthog」有「唐東」與「聖索」等不同音譯,但其實英文拼法比較接近「Thromthog」,而正確讀音比較接近「崇拓」。

Biography 生平

Ven. Thamthog Rinpoche was born in 1951 in Lithang, eastern Tibet. When he was six he was recognized and reconfirmed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and by the tutor of His Holiness, Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, as the reincarnation of the Twelfth Thamthog, abbot and spiritual guide of three monasteries in Lithang. As a child he devoted himself to study at the monastery of Sera Jé in Tibet and, in exile, after 1959 he continued his studies at the monastic university of Sera Jé in the south of India. In 1982 he obtained the highest degree in Buddhist studies—Geshe Lharampa.

尊貴的聖索仁波切於1951年出生在西藏東部的理塘。六歲時由法王達賴喇嘛及法王的親教師—克傑.赤絳仁波切—認證為理塘三大寺院的住持與精神領袖第十二世聖索仁波切的轉世。聖索仁波切在孩童時於西藏色拉寺致力學習,在1959年之後的流亡時期,他於印度南部的色拉傑寺僧伽大學繼續其學業。1982年,他獲得佛教學習之最高學位拉然巴格西(Geshe Lharampa)的資格。

Afterwards he entered the tantric monastery of Gyümé to widen his knowledge of tantra. Rinpoche has received the entire transmission of common and secret teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from his two tutors and from other authoritative masters of Tibet.


Since 1987 he lives and teaches at the Ghe Pel Ling Institute in Milan and, at regular intervals, he teaches to his disciples scattered in Tibet, India, United States, Canada, Japan and in major European countries. Currently he is spiritual guide of Ghe Pel Ling Institute in Milan, of Kalachakra Centre in Ventimiglia and Ciang Ciub Centre in Sondrio.

自1987年以來,他居住並執教於米蘭的格裴靈(Ghe Pel Ling)研究所,每年固定分期教導其分佈於西藏、印度、美國、加拿大、日本和歐洲主要國家的弟子們。目前,他為米蘭的格裴靈研究所、文蒂米利亞(Ventimiglia)的時輪金剛中心與位於松德里(Sondrio)的Ciang Ciub中心之精神導師。

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Thamthog Rinpoche

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