Sumpa Khenpo Yeshe Paljor

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Sumpa Khenpo Yeshe Paljor (Wyl. sum pa mkhan po ye shes dpal 'byor) (1704-1788) was an important Gelugpa master of the eighteenth century and the author of an important history of Buddhism in India, China, Tibet and Mongolia. His collected works amount to eight volumes. He served as abbot at the monasteries of Tashi Chöling, Serlung, Druklung, Dulwa Gön, Ganden Rinchen Ling, and Phorö drati Gön, as well as Gönlung Monastery from 1736 to 1749 and again from 1756 to 1761. According to Gene Smith, "The autobiography of Sum pa Mkhan po is one of the most important documents for the history of the eighteenth-century Tibetan world.[1]


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