Sera Monastery

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Sera Monastery (Tib. Sera Gönpa; Wyl. se ra dgon pa) — founded by Jamchen Chöjé Shakya Yeshe (1354-1435), a close disciple of Tsongkhapa, in 1419, Sera Monastery was the second largest of the three great Gelugpa monasteries near Lhasa, with more than 8,000 monks before 1959.


Originally there were five colleges at Sera: Gya (rgya), Drom (grom), Döpa ('dod pa), Mépa (smad pa) and Jépa (byes pa). These were eventually absorbed into Jépa and Mépa, which became the two philosophical colleges (Tib. tsennyi dratsang; Wyl. mtshan nyid grwa tshang) while, a third college, the Tantric College (Tib. Ngakpa Dratsang; Wyl. sngags pa grwa tshang) was added for studies of vajrayana topics.

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