Prayer to Amitayus

跳至導覽 跳至搜尋
Amitayus from the private collection of Sogyal Rinpoche

jikten drenpé tsowo tsépakmé
Buddha of Infinite Life, chief guide for beings in this world,

dü min chiwa ma lü jompé pal
Glorious one who overcomes all untimely death,

gön mé dukngal gyur pa nam kyi kyap
Refuge for suffering beings without protection—

sangyé tsepakmé la chak tsal lo
To you, the Buddha Amitayus, I prostrate!

Wylie Transcription

‘jig rten ‘dren pa’i gtso bo tshe dpag med
dus min ‘chi ba ma lus ‘joms pa’i dpal
mgon med sdug bsngal gyur pa rnams kyi skyabs
sangs rgyas tshe dpag med la phyag ‘tshal lo