Pema Tashi

跳至導覽 跳至搜尋

Pema Tashi was a major student of Dudjom Lingpa, and unlike many other students who met Dudjom Lingpa after he gained renown, Pema Tashi was with him constantly, since the beginning.

When Dudjom Lingpa had just finished transcribing the Chö teachings from his terma, Pema Tashi approached him and pledged to practise these new texts. His promise reinforced Dudjom Lingpa's motivation to create a definitive version of the rituals of the Tröma Nakmo cycle[1]. Pema Tashi composed the Drel Chung Dön Sal Nyingpo, a 126-page commentary to the Sherik Dorje Nӧnpo Gyü, 'The Sharp Vajra of Awareness'.

He is one of Dudjom Lingpa's thirteen disciples to have attained rainbow body.


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