Obstacles 障礙

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Obstacles (Tib. barché; Wyl. bar chad) on the spiritual path are often classified into outer, inner and secret categories (Wyl. chi nang gsang ba'i bar chad). Another way of looking at obstacles is called the four maras or four demons. 法道上的障礙通常有外、內、密三種分類,或可從四魔的角度來解釋。

  • 外在的障礙 Outer obstacles (Wyl. ?) are disturbances of the four primary elements (such as earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, etc.); the machinations of the mara of the Lord of Death and the mara of the aggregates; disease, famine and warfare; and the dread of rebirth, death, and the bardo. 四大種的混亂(地震、水災、火災、颶風等);死主魔、五蘊魔;疾病、饑饉、刀兵;生死和中陰的恐懼。
  • 內在的障礙 Inner obstacles (Wyl. nag gi bar chad) are imbalances in the psycho-physical system of channels, wind-energies and essences which give rise to all kinds of sickness; the machinations of the mara of destructive emotions; and the deluded perceptions of desire, anger, and dullness.脈、氣、明點不調所導致的各種疾病;煩惱魔;貪、嗔、癡的迷妄感知。
  • 秘密的障礙 Secret or innermost obstacles (Wyl. gsang ba'i bar chad?) are the obstacles of the deluded concepts of perceiver and perceived; the machinations of the mara of the son of the gods; and the hindrance for the state of omniscience.能知與所知的迷妄分別;天子魔;阻擋遍智的障礙。


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