Ngor Monastery

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Ngor Ewam Chöden Monastery (ངོར་ཨེ་ཝཾ་ཆོས་ལྡན་, Wyl. ngor e waM chos ldan) — an important Sakya monastery, and seat of the Ngor subschool, established by Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo around 1430. Before being completely demolished during the Chinese invasion, it was a very active monastery, counting about 1,000 monks in the 1950s. It has only been partly reconstructed.

Ngor Monastery is divided into four monastic houses (Tib. བླ་བྲང་, labrang; Wyl. bla brang):

  • Luding (ཀླུ་སྡིངས་, klu sdings),
  • Khangsar (ཁང་གསར་, khang gsar),
  • Thartse (ཐར་རྩེ་, thar rtse) and
  • Phende (ཕན་བདེ, phan bde)

Ngor Monastery in Exile

  • Ngor Monastery was reestablished in Manduwala, India

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