Mardo Tashi Chöling Monastery

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Mardo Tashi Chöling Monastery, courtesy of Katok Chöling

Mardo Tashi Choling Monastery is located in the Golok region of Amdo, Eastern Tibet. Built more than two hundred years ago, it is one of the four main branch monasteries of Katok Monastery, the oldest of the six 'mother' monasteries of the Nyingma.

Mardo Tashi Chöling was the home of the great tertön Dudjom Lingpa (1835-1904) and of the succession of reincarnations of Katok Dampa Rinpoche, starting with Gonpa Lama Chökyi Dorje.

At age 25, from among rocks in the Mar Valley, around Mardo Tashi Chöling, Dudjom Lingpa revealed a prophetic guide (khajang): the detailed instructions on how and when he should reveal his own terma.

During the unrest in Tibet, the entire monastery was destroyed. Today much of the monastery has been restored, such as two temples and a residential space for 160 monks.

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