Khenpo Kunpal - Bodhicharyavatara - Chapter 7: Diligence (MP3)

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Content of all chapters: Shedra East MP3

Khenpo Sönam Tobden's teaching MP3's

Khenpo Sönam Tobden and Gyurmé, during the Vajrakilaya drupchen we had to change the classroom

Recorded during Shedra East 2006-2007 in Pharping / Nepal

Chapter 7, Diligence

  • online 20070131PH1000ST.MP3 Note: this file is identical to the last file of chapter six, since on this day Khenpo taught both on the end of chapter 6 and the beginning of chapter 7. The teachings on chapter 7 start at 56'00".
The second Shedra class in one of the gompas of the monastery

Chapter 7, Diligence - antidote to the laziness of being idle

Chapter 7, Diligence - antidote to the laziness of defeatism

Chapter 7, Diligence - supporting conditions for diligence

Chapter 7, Diligence - the force of firmness

Chapter 7, Diligence - self-confidence as antidote to negative emotions