Khenpo Chökhyap 堪布確洽

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Khenpo Chökhyap (Wyl. mkhan po chos khyab), short for Pema Chöying Khyapdal (pad ma chos dbyings khyab brdal) (1920-1997) — an important disciple of Yukhok Chatralwa, Pöpa Tulku and Khenpo Thupga. He studied for three years with Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol, receiving the extraordinary Dzogchen pith instructions of the Nyingtik, following which he studied for twelve years with Pöpa Tulku, becoming therefore both a great scholar and highly realized master. He passed away on the third day of the third month of the Fire Ox year (1997).

堪布確洽(Khenpo Chökhyap;1920-1997)是貝瑪確應洽達(Pema Chöying Khyapdal)的簡稱。他是玉科.夏札瓦(Yukhok Chatralwa)、波巴祖古(Pöpa Tulku)與堪布圖嘎(Khenpo Thupga)的重要弟子。他向玉科.夏札瓦確英朗卓(Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol)學習三年,接受殊勝的《大圓滿心髓口訣》。隨後於波巴祖古(Pöpa Tulku)學習十二年,成為偉大的學者和高度了證的上師。他圓寂於火牛年(1997年)3月3日。

Further Reading

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  • Pema Ösel Thayé, bya bral rin po che mkhan chen chos dbyings khyab brdal gyi rnam thar bsdus pa skal bzang dgyes pa'i mchod sprin

In English

  • Nyoshul Khenpo, A Marvelous Garland of Rare Gems, Padma Publishing, 2005

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