Five clear perceptions 五神通

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The five clear perceptions (Tib. ngönshé nga; Wyl. mngon shes lnga) or the five 'superknowledges' are:

  1. the clear perception of the divine eye, which is a perception of all forms—subtle and gross, near or far—and an ability to see the births and deaths of beings; it arises due to the power of samadhi meditation on the support of a subtle eye faculty belonging to the realms of form;
  2. the clear perception of the divine ear, which is the ability to hear all sounds and languages spoken, whether nearby or at a great distance; it too is based on the ear faculty of someone in the higher realms;
  3. the clear perception of knowing the minds of others, which is an ability to know the minds of other beings that comes about through samadhi;
  4. the clear perception of one’s own and others’ past lives, which is the knowledge of where births occurred in the past, and whatever pleasant or unpleasant experiences were undergone;
  5. the clear perception that is the ability to perform miracles, which allows the display of various miracles, such as turning many things into one, or multiplying one thing so that it becomes many, radiating light, or blazing with fire and spouting jets of water.

丁福保《佛學大辭典》【五神通】(名數):又曰五通,五神變。不思議為神。自在為通。不思議自在之用有五種:一、天眼通,謂色界四大所造之清淨眼根,色界及欲界六道中之諸物,或近,或遠,或麤,或細,無一不照者。二、天耳通,為色界四大所造之清淨耳根,能聞一切之聲者。三、他心通,得知一切他人之心者。四、宿命通,得知自心之宿世事者。五、如意通,又曰神境通,神足通。飛行自在,石壁無礙,又得行化石為金,變火為水等之奇變者。見智度論五。 See also six clear perceptions.