Eleven factors that illustrate path knowledge 能詮「道智」的十一義

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Eleven factors that illustrate path-knowledge — among the seventy points of the Abhisamayalankara, eleven factors illustrating path-knowledge, the second of the eight topics.

  1. the branches of the path-knowledge which is generated, such as eclipsing [pride] and so on,
  2. the path of the shravaka disciples,
  3. the path of the rhinoceros—like pratyekabuddhas,
  4. the path of greater benefit, which brings qualities in this and future lives,
  5. the functions of the path of meditation,
  6. the aspiring path of meditation,
  7. eulogy, veneration and praise for the benefits of aspiration,
  8. the dedicating path of meditation,
  9. the path of meditation of rejoicing, the unsurpassed mental activity,
  10. the accomplishing path of meditation, and
  11. the complete purification of the pure path of meditation.