Eight qualities of a buddha 佛陀八功德

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Eight qualities of a buddha — according to Maitreya's Uttaratantra Shastra, all of the qualities of a buddha can be condensed into the two-fold benefit of self and others, which are further subdivided into eight qualities:

Benefit of self:

  • 1) self-arisen wisdom
  • 2) unconditioned body
  • 3) spontaneously perfect

Benefit of others:

  • 4) knowledge (Skt. jñāna; Tib. khyen; Wyl. mkhyen)
  • 5) love (Skt. karuṇā; Tib. tsé; Wyl. brtse)
  • 6) power (Skt. śakti; Tib. nüpa; Wyl. nus pa)


  • 7) the benefit of self (Skt. svārtha; Tib. rang dön; Wyl. rang don), and
  • 8) the benefit of others (Skt. parārtha; Tib. shyendön; Wyl. gzhan don).