Eight ordinary accomplishments 八共成就

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The eight ordinary accomplishments or siddhis (Skt. aṣṭasādhāraṇasiddhi; Wyl. thun mong gi dngos grub brgyad) are,

  1. The siddhi of celestial realm 飛天 is the ability to dwell in celestial realms while still alive.
  2. The siddhi of the sword 寶劍 (Wyl. ral gri'i dngos grub) is the ability to overcome any hostile army.
  3. The siddhi of the pill 隱身(Wyl. ril bu) is the ability to become invisible by blessing pills and holding them in your hand;
  4. With the siddhi of fleet-footedness 迅足 (Wyl. rkhang mgyogs), by wearing boots you have blessed, you can walk around a lake in an instant;
  5. With the vase siddhi 寶瓶 you can create a vessel that makes anything you put inside it, food or money for example, inexhaustible.
  6. The siddhi of yaksha 藥叉 is the power to make yakshas your servants. They then follow your orders and accomplish the work of a million people in a single night.
  7. The siddhi of the elixir 甘露 gives you a lifespan as long as the sun and the moon, the strength of an elephant, the beauty of a lotus, and makes you feel as light as cotton wool whenever you get up from your seat.
  8. With the siddhi of the balm of magic sight 眼藥 (Wyl. mig sman) you can see things beneath the earth, such as treasures and so on when you apply balm to your eyes.