Deities of the three seats 寂靜尊三座

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The forty-two peaceful deities of the three seats or categories (Tib. den sum tsangwé kyilkhor; Wyl. gdan gsum tshang ba'i dkyil 'khor or gdan gsum tshang ba) are as follows:

  1. the aggregates (skandhas) and elements (dhatus) are the seats of the five male and five female buddhas, and is called the seat of the buddhas;
  2. the sense faculties and their objects are the seats of the eight male and the eight female bodhisattvas together with the six munis, and is called the seat of the bodhisattvas;
  3. the limbs are the seats of the male and female wrathful deities, or the four male and the four female gatekeepers (who are part of the forty-two peaceful deities even though they are in a wrathful form), and is called the seat of the wrathful deities.

1. 諸佛座:蘊、處為五方佛父母之座

2. 菩薩座:根、塵為八大菩薩、八大天女與六能仁之座

3. 忿怒尊座:四肢為四方守護明王與明母之座(儘管祂們現忿怒相,實則屬於42寂靜尊之一)


Alternative Terms/Translations

  • mandala of the three bases of completeness (Erik Pema Kunsang)
  • three seats of completeness