Chomden Rigpé Raldri

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Chomden Rigpé Raldri (Wyl. bcom ldan rig pa'i ral gri) (1227-1305) - an important Kadampa master from Narthang Monastery. Together with his students, the second Chim Jampé Yang and Üpa Losal, he played a key role in the first compilation of the Tengyur.


  • bstan pa rgyas pa (a survey of Indian treatises translated into Tibetan. See Schaeffer and Van der Kuijp (2007))
  • rdo rje gdan rnam bshad rgyan gyi me tog (A guide to Bodhgaya)

Further Reading

  • Kurtis R. Schaeffer & Leonard W. J. Van der Kuijp, An Early Tibetan Survey of Buddhist Literature: The Bstan Pa Rgyas Pa Rgyan Gyi Nyi 'Od of Bcom Idan Ral Gri, Harvard University Press, 2007