Chöjé Marpa Sherab Yeshé

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Chöjé Marpa Sherab Yeshé Tib. ཆོས་རྗེ་་སྨར་པ་ཤེས་རབ་ཡེ་ཤེས་, Wyl. chos rje smar pa shes rab ye shes) (1135-1203)[1] — one of Phagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo's main disciples, and founder of the Martsang Kagyü lineage. He founded Sho Monastery (Wyl. sho dgon) in 1167, in Markham. This date can be considered as the founding date of the Martsang Kagyü lineage.[2] He received the name Sherab Yeshe from Gonjewa Sherab Yeshe Gyaltsen.[3]

Alternative Names

  • Chöjé Marpa (chos rje smar pa) (source: Dan Martin & Philippe Cornu)
  • Chöjé Marpa Sherab Yeshe (source: Martsan Kagyu website)
  • Kunga Pal (kun dga' dpal) (source: Dan Martin)
  • Marpa Sherab Yeshe (source: Dan Martin)
  • Marpa Drubtob Sherab Yeshe (source: TBRC & Dan Martin)
  • Martsang Sherab Senge (source: Kagyü Office)
  • Rinchen Lodrö (source: Philippe Cornu)
  • Sherab Yeshe (source: TBRC & Dan Martin)

Notes & References

  1. Source: Dan Martin. Martsan Kagyu website gives (1134-1203).
  2. Source: Samdhong Rinpoche.
  3. According to Martsan Kagyü website

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