Yangdak Heruka 揚達嘿魯嘎/真實義忿怒尊

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Yangdak Heruka from the thangka of Tendrel Nyesel

Yangdak Heruka (Wyl. yang dag heruka) or Vishuddha (Skt. Viśuddhaheruka) is one of the eight deities of Kagyé, where he corresponds to Enlightened Mind. The wrathful manifestation of Vajrasattva, he is similar to the deity known as Chakrasamvara (Tib. Demchok), who is practised in the Gelug tradition. It is said that all the deities of the Mother Tantras are included in the practice of Yangdak.

The instructions related to Yangdak are based on the so-called "eight syllables of the rulu mantra".[1]

In the Longchen Nyingtik, the Yangdak practice related to Palchen Düpa is called "Union Of The Buddhas" (yang dag sangs rgyas mnyam sbyor).


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Further Reading

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