Trinlé Gyatso

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Trinlé Gyatso (Wyl. 'phrin las rgya mtsho) (1856-1875) — the Twelfth Dalai Lama.


Trinlé Gyatso was born in 1856 in Lhoka, a place near Lhasa to Phuntsok Tsewang and Tsering Yudrön. In 1858, the young child was escorted to Lhasa where the regent Reting Ngawang Yeshe Tsultrim Gyaltsen gave him the name Trinlé Gyatso. In 1860, at the age of five he took the novice vows from the Ganden Throne Holder Lobsang Khenrab and he was enthroned in the Potala Palace. In 1873, at the age of eighteen, he took on full responsibility as both spiritual and political leader of Tibet. In 1875, he died at the age of twenty in the Potala Palace.

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  • Derek F. Maher, 'The Ninth to Twelfth Dalai Lamas (1805–1875)' in Martin Brauen (ed.), The Dalai Lamas: A Visual History, Serindia, 2005

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