Six mother scriptures 六般若經根本頌(十萬頌、兩萬五千頌、一萬八千頌、一萬頌、八千頌、攝頌)

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The goddess Prajñaparamita

Six mother scriptures (Tib. ཡུམ་དྲུག་, Wyl. yum drug) — of the seventeen sutras upon which the Abhisamayalankara is a commentary, these are the ones which fully reveal the eight topics.[1]

  1. Sutra in One Hundred Thousand Lines (Shatasahasrika)
  2. Sutra in Twenty-five Thousand Lines (Pañcavimshatisahasrika)
  3. Sutra in Eighteen Thousand Lines (Ashtadashasahasrika)
  4. Sutra in Ten Thousand Lines (Dashasahasrika)
  5. Sutra in Eight Thousand Lines (Ashtasahasrika)
  6. Verse Summary (Saṃchaya)


  1. Khenpo Tsöndrü says, "Regarding the criteria for classifying these as either ‘mother’ or ‘son’ scriptures, sutras revealing the eight clear realizations are termed ‘mother’ scriptures, whilst those revealing them only partially are termed ‘son’."[1]

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