Progressive application

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Progressive Application (Skt. anupūrvaprayoga; Wyl. mthar gyis pa’i sbyor ba) is the sixth of the eight topics of the Abhisamayalankara.


Progressive application is defined as the bodhisattvas’ yoga in which one meditates on the aspects of the threefold knowledge sequentially in order to stabilize the realization in which the knowledge aspects of the threefold knowledge arise all at once.


There are thirteen subdivisions: the progressive applications of the six transcendent perfections, the six recollections and essential unreality.


It is present mainly as an object of study and reflection from the path of accumulation onwards. The application produced through meditation is present from the stage of warmth [on the path of joining] until the end of the tenth bhumi.

Alternative Translations

  • Gradual training
  • Gradual application of the bodhisattva path