Path of seeing

跳至導覽 跳至搜尋

The path of seeing (Skt. darśanamārga; Tib. མཐོང་ལམ་, tonglam; Wyl. mthong lam) is the third of the five paths. According to Patrul Rinpoche, “It is called the path of seeing because it is here that one first sees the supermundane wisdom of the noble ones.”[1] The path of seeing is said to mark the point at which one becomes an Arya, or a sublime one, and the entrance to the the first bhumi, known as The Joyous. The first bhumi also includes post-meditation, but while some scholars such as Gyaltsab Darma Rinchen have claimed that there is post-meditation on the path of seeing, other scholars, including Gorampa, assert that it is taken up entirely with meditative equipoise.


It is divided into sixteen moments.