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Kilung Tulku Tsultrim Rinpoche is the fifth incarnation of Jikmé Ngotsar Gyatso. Born in 1970, he was recognized at an early age by Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Kyabje Minling Trichen Rinpoche, and recently Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche, who gave him the name Jikmé Tenzin Chodrak.

克龍祖古竹清仁波切(Kilung Tulku Tsultrim Rinpoche),是晉美哦擦嘉措(Jikmé Ngotsar Gyatso)的第五任轉世,生於1970年,幼年即由怙主頂果欽哲仁波切(Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche)、怙主敏林赤欽仁波切(Kyabje Minling Trichen Rinpoche)認證為祖古。近期則由怙主多竹千(多智欽)仁波切(Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche)賜予晉美丹增邱札(Jikmé Tenzin Chodrak)的法名。

As a youth Kilung Rinpoche received teachings and empowerments of the Longchen Nyingtik and other Dzogchen lineages from many old and great lamas in the Dzachukha region of Kham, East Tibet. At the age of 17, he became the Abbot of Kilung Monastery, reviving traditional sacred dance there and also helping a group of nuns establish a center nearby.

年少的克龍仁波切曾在東藏康巴地區的雜曲卡(Dzachukha),從許多年長的偉大上師領受龍欽心髓(Longchen Nyingtik)的教法與灌頂和大圓滿教法。十七歲,他擔任克龍寺(Kilung Monastery)的住持,除了恢復傳統的神聖金剛舞儀式之外,還協助尼眾在附近成立了一座道場。

Kilung Rinpoche left Tibet in 1993 on a pilgrimage which was expected to last one year. He was unable to return to Tibet until 2000, and in the intervening seven years he spent time in the Dzogchen Monastery in southern India and in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he began the Kilung Foundation. In 1998 he first traveled to the United States, where his activities have been centered in the state of Washington. His current activities in Tibet include the rebuilding of the Kilung Monastery, the construction of a school for nomad children, and the building of a bridge over the Dzachu River at a place where regular nomad crossings cost much human and animal life every year.

克龍仁波切於1993年離開西藏,展開原本預計為期一年的朝聖之旅。直到2000年,他才有辦法返回西藏。於此期間的七年當中,他花了一些時間在南印度的佐欽寺(卓千寺,Dzogchen Monastery)和尼泊爾加德滿都,並於當地成立克龍基金會(Kilung Foundation)。1998年,他首次前往美國,主要活動都集中在華盛頓州(the state of Washington)。他目前在西藏的事業包括:重建克龍寺、為遊牧兒童設立學校,並在雜曲河(Dzachu River)上造橋,此處每年都有許多人畜為了經常性的遊牧過河而喪命。

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