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Jikmé Kundrol Namgyal (Wyl. 'jigs med kun grol rnam rgyal) aka Lopön Jikmé Küntröl (18th-19th centuries) was a direct student of Jikmé Lingpa and one of the Four Jikmés. He was born in Wangdar Lung, Bhutan. In his youth he trained in the Drukpa Kagyü lineage but, while serving as the manager for his monastery, he witnessed the killing of animals for meat and deep compassion arose within him.

Thereupon he left his monastery and went to Tibet[1], where he received a complete monastic education at the renowned Mindroling Monastery. When he heard that the great master Jikme Lingpa was residing at Samye, he decided to go there. He was accepted as a personal disciple by Jikme Lingpa, from whom he received all the precious lineage transmissions. Practicing under Jikme Lingpa’s guidance, he obtained accomplishment and was recognized as one of the latter’s four supreme disciples. Following his master’s orders, he returned to Thawa Drak in Bumtang, Bhutan, where he established his residence. He then went on to Dungsam and built a monastery called Yongleg Gon.

He was especially powerful in the practice of Vajrakilaya and was able to offer protection to the people, the Buddhist doctrine and the kingdom of Bhutan. Due to his blessings and loving kindness, he became very famous and his name is frequently found in the religious histories of the Kingdom of Bhutan.


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