Five practices of enlightenment without meditation 無修成佛五法

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The five practices of enlightenment without meditation (Wyl. ma sgom sangs rgyas chos lnga) are sometimes given as:


  • liberation through seeing (chakras) (Tib. tongdrol; Wyl. mthong grol); 見咒輪得解脫
  • liberation on hearing (mantras and dharanis) (Tib. tödrol, Wyl. thos grol); 聞咒音(咒語和陀羅尼)得解脫
  • liberation by tasting (amrita) (Tib. nyongdrol, Wyl. myong grol); 嚐甘露得解脫
  • liberation by touch[1] (mudra) (Tib. takdrol, Wyl. btags grol); and 觸手印得解脫
  • liberation by recollection or thinking (which includes the practice of phowa) (Tib. drendrol)[2] 念(憶及或思及)得解脫,頗瓦法也屬之

Alternative Lists

  • liberation by touching (Tib. regdrol, Wyl. reg grol) is sometimes added to the list, making six methods that lead to liberation.[3]


  1. or 'wearing'
  2. Also called liberation through meditation (Tib. gomdrol, Wyl. bsgom grol)
  3. Source: Songtsen: Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche’s Tagdröl yantra. Link here

Further Reading

  • Gayley, Holly. "Soteriology of the Senses in Tibetan Buddhism" in Numen 54 (2007) 459–499