Eight glorious ornaments 八瑞嚴飾

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The eight glorious ornaments (Tib. དཔལ་གྱི་ཆས་བརྒྱད།, Wyl. dpal gyi chas brgyad) are:

  1. Crocodile skin, symbolizing shining with splendour;
  2. The sun, and
  3. Moon symbolizing skilful means and wisdom inseparable;
  4. The fire of wisdom symbolizing burning noxious beings;
  5. The crescent moon-shaped fangs, or canine teeth, symbolizing cutting through birth and death;
  6. The vajra garments symbolizing being completely mighty;
  7. The armour of power symbolizing dwelling in the state of buddhahood; and
  8. The iron double vajra symbolizing reversing harm. [1]


  1. * Thinley Norbu, The Small Golden Key.