Dzogchen Beara

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Dzogchen Beara - Set on cliffs of the Beara peninsula in the west of Ireland, looking out over the Atlantic ocean, Dzogchen Beara is the setting for Rigpa’s long-term or secluded retreats, including closed one-year intensive retreats that lead to the traditional three-year retreat.

As well as holding public courses and seminars, Dzogchen Beara also serves as a centre of activity for Rigpa’s Spiritual Care education and training programme. Many of the Tibetan Lamas who have visited Dzogchen Beara have remarked on its extraordinary purity and natural healing qualities, a place that naturally inspires meditation and inner reflection.

“Dzogchen Beara is like a conch-shell made of crystal. It will sing out the sound of the teachings to beings of all the ten directions.” --His Holiness Sakya Trizin


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