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སྔགས། (Wyl. sngags ) Pron.: ngak

  • Skt. mantra [Eleven Topics of Tantra]
  • c.f. སྔགས་པ་
  • Skt. मन्त्र, mantra, Pron.: mantra mantra [m'antra] m. (rarely n. ifc. f. [ā]), 'instrument of thought ', speech, sacred text or speech, a prayer or song of praise, a Vedic hymn or sacrificial formula, that portion of the Veda which contains the texts called [ṛc] or [yajus] or [sāman] as opp. to the Brāhmana and Upanishad portion, a sacred formula addressed to any individual deity (e.g. [om] [śivāya] [namaḥ]) a mystical verse or magical formula (sometimes personified), incantation, charm, spell (esp. in modern times employed by the Śāktas to acquire superhuman powers the primary Mantras being held to be 70 millions in number and the secondary innumerable. Consultation, resolution, counsel, advice, plan, design, secret, N. of Viṣṇu cf. Viṣṇ of Śiva cf. MBh. (in astrol.) the fifth mansion [Sanskrit]

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