Thuksey Rinpoche 突謝仁波切

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Thuksey Rinpoche Ngawang Gyurme Palzang (Wyl. thugs sras rin po che ngag dbang 'gyur med dpal bzang) (1916-1983) was the son of the tenth Gyalwang Drukpa and the grandson of Tokden Shakya Shri.

突謝仁波切雅旺.究美.佩桑 (Thuksey Rinpoche Ngawang Gyurme Palzang) (Wyl. thugs sras rin po che ngag dbang gyur med dpal bzang) (1916-1983) 是第十世嘉旺.竹巴 (Gyalwang Drukpa) 的兒子,以及瑜伽士夏迦.師利 (Tokden Shakya Shri) 的孫子。

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