Ngedön Tendzin Zangpo

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The Third Dzogchen Rinpoche, Ngedön Tendzin Zangpo

Ngedön Tendzin Zangpo (Wyl. nges don bstan 'dzin bzang po) (1759-1792) — the Third Dzogchen Rinpoche. He studied with the second Nyima Drakpa (Pema Thekchok Tenpé Gyaltsen) and Öntrul Pema Kundrol Namgyal. He died at the age of 35 according to Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. He wrote a famous Khandro Nyingtik commentary, entitled The Excellent Chariot.


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  • Third Dzogchen Rinpoche, Great Perfection: Outer and Inner Preliminaries, translated by Cortland Dahl, Snow Lion, 2008

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