Ten unwholesome actions 十不善業

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The ten unwholesome actions or ten negative actions (Skt. daśākuśala; Tib. མི་དགེ་བ་བཅུ་, mi gé wa chu, Wyl. mi dge ba bcu) are:

  1. taking life
  2. taking what is not given
  3. sexual misconduct
  4. lying
  5. sowing discord
  6. harsh speech
  7. idle gossip (or worthless chatter)
  8. covetousness
  9. ill will (or wishing harm on others)
  10. wrong views


Effects Similar to the Cause

The Precious Garland says:

By taking life, we will be short-lived.
Violence will bring us lots of harm.
Through stealing, we will lack possessions.
Through adultery, we will face rivals.
Through speaking falsely, we’ll face slander.
Divisive talk will separate us from our friends.
Harsh speech will mean hearing unpleasant words.
Gossip will cause our speech to lack nobility.
Covetousness will destroy our hopes.
Malice will bring us many fears.
And wrong view will bring inferior beliefs.

Alternative Translations

  • Ten non-virtues (Dorje & Kapstein)

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