Spontaneously accomplished vidyadhara 任運持明

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Spontaneously accomplished vidyadhara (Tib. lhundrup rigdzin; Wyl. lhun grub rig 'dzin) — the last of the four vidyadhara levels, the very embodiment of the five buddha kayas, or buddhahood itself. According to Jikmé Lingpa, although the spontaneously accomplished vidyadhara is classified as the level of buddhahood, "nevertheless, there are still further levels to be attained as the nature of this stage reaches full strength."[1]

Alternative Translations

  • According to Chökyi Drakpa, a lhundrup rigdzin is a vidyadhara "who spontaneously accomplishes the benefit of self and others." Hence the Tibetan term can also be translated as 'spontaneously accomplishing vidyadhara'.
  • holder of awareness of spontaneous presence
  • knowledge-holder of the spontaneous accomplishment (Tulku Thondup)
  • spontaneously present knowledge holder


  1. Jikmé Lingpa and Patrul Chökyi Wangpo, Deity, Mantra and Wisdom (Snow Lion: 2006), page 62.